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'Twas the month before Christmas...

So everyone has now declared their hand and the Christmas advertising season is well and truly upon us.

Depending on who you believe, this year has either seen the death knell for the blockbuster Christmas ad and a return to hard-nosed to trading messages or alternatively some brands nailed it this year and have us reaching for the tissues after another Christmas tear-jerker.

Buoyed by the amount of debate on Twitter and LinkedIn over the relative merits, I thought I'd ask those of you who read this blog to cast your votes instead. This obviously throws up a few interesting caveats:-

1. Yes, I know you're a skewed sample but it's interesting to see where the marketers would cast their vote too.

2. Yes, it would have been more fun to run a Richard Osman style World Cup of Christmas Ads but those buggers at BBH Labs decided to publish their World Cup of the greatest ads ever whilst I was writing this!

3. Yes, I have made an initial selection of 20 ads from you to vote on - sorry I had to draw the line somewhere.

I'd love to know what you think so please feel free to vote in true Hit or Miss style below (please remember this is just a bit of fun!)

The poll is embedded below or you can use this link

If you can't get enough of voting, in true workshop style (i.e. stick three coloured dots on the idea which you like best) , I've allowed you all three votes to pick your best of the bunch too:-

If you're an advertising geek and want the links to the ads, they're all below in one place...

I look forward to seeing how you all vote!

1. Twitter - The Real John Lewis

2. McDonalds - Are You Reindeer Ready?

3. ALDI - Kevin the Carrot

4. John Lewis - Elton John

5. Waitrose - Fast Forward

6. M&S Must Haves

7. Sainsbury's School Play

8. Asda - Bring Christmas Home

9. Iceland - Rang-tan

10. Tesco - However You Do Christmas

11. Debenhams - A Bit of You Know You Did Good

12. Boots - That's My Mum

13. Amazon - Can You Feel It?

14. Barbour - Maybe, Just Maybe

15. Argos - The Christmas Fool

16. TK Maxx - The Neverending Stocking

17. Lego - That's Not A Brick

18. Very - The Gift That Helps Them Find Their Gift

19. Morrisons - Makes It

20. M&S Food - Your Christmas Favourite


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