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So was Ford right about "faster horses"?!...

I got a little grumpy about the number of times the alleged Henry Ford quote was being shared on LinkedIn so I wrote a piece for Research Live (you can find the link below).

I passionately believe that the challenge with innovation cannot be laid squarely at consumers' doors but rather it's about building the right conditions for innovation to thrive. You can see what I wrote here:-

Whilst we're on the subject of innovation, I was lucky enough to spend nearly 14 years working for a company who wanted to make the future bright. At the end of the last century, we made this film. Most of it seems quite run of the mill now but it's amazing to think this film was made in a time before smartphones or even the mobile internet existed. Even the much vaunted WAP services (the forerunner of the mobile web as we know it ) were yet to launch.

Those who worked on the film were almost prophetic in their view of the future (they almost called a US presidential contest nearly 20 years in advance!) so I thought you'd like to see it...


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